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I’m having trouble importing references that I’ve saved in My EBSCO Host.  I’ve exported them and saved them as “Generic bibliographic management software” even though I would think that it should be even easier than that.  However, I’m willing to go that route provided it will work.  Anyhow, when I go to import my tagged text file - nothing happens in X4 (newest updates applied).  I’m very frustrated.  I’m quite computer literate and this $200 program is not very user friendly at all.  I’ve attached the text file if anyone has any suggestions. 


Frustrated in TBay

Eun-Jung Holden.txt (23.2 KB)

I think that EBSCO’s directions for exporting to Endnote are here.  There is a specific export format you should use ( Direct Export to EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager which should be saved with the .RIS file type).

You may find that it will give the option to open it, or to save it and then open it. 

If you have to choose, it maybe be imported using the Ref Man (RIS) filter -although in a test just now, I didn’t seem to need to change the filter from the default “endnote library” setting in X4 during the import.  If you open it, it will be imported into your default libarary (if Endnote is not already open)  or the library already open in Endnote - WITHOUT a duplicate search. 

For that reason, I recommend saving the file and not allowing the automatic importing.  In my hands, autoimporting files does not screen for duplicates.  If you manually import the file, you can then choose to eliminate duplicates.  So in Endnote, File>import, and browse to get the file, try with “endnote library” or Reference Manager (RIS) filters, Text translation: UTF-8 and discard duplicates on. 

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I have yet to give it a try but I will and I’ll be sure to update on my success.


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If you have any more troubles importing from EBSCO or elsewhere, send me the file you’re trying to import and I’ll take a look at it.

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