HELP: Format choice disappeared on New Reference window

Hi all,

My dog jumped on my laptop keyboard tonight (yes, really), and all of a sudden the drop-down box that allows me to select whether the reference is a book, journal, etc is GONE.  I am using EndNote 3 on a Mac.  Would REALLY appreciate your advice on how to bring this back: I am starting my second field comps tomorrow at 9am and desperately need to be able to add citations as they come in.  I’ve attached a screenshot of the new layout.  Thanks in advance for your help - this is quite the emergency for me.


I hope you meant EndNote X3, not version 3.  Have you tried re-installing the program?   (Back up your EndNote-related files and .xml templates before reinstallation.)

If you open the new reference window and choose “customise toolbar…” from the Tools menu, you ought to be able to drag the default set of buttons back onto the new reference window’s toolbar area.

In the upper right hand corner there should be an oval button, try clicking on that button.  That oval button will hide/show toolbars at the top of the windows in most apps.