No reference type options...

I just installed Endote X2.0.1 on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. Everything seems fine…except when I click the button for “New Reference” the pop-up window that appears does not provide an option to change the reference type for that citation. I have watched a couple of tutorial videos and read the manual, and both sources suggest that there should be an option at the top of the pop-up window for changing the reference type. But I can’t find it. What am I doing wrong? Note - I have included a screen shot, if that helps.

On all Mac apps that flat little button in the upper right corner of the window is to expand or collapse the toolbar. Click it and the toolbar should reappear.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Its’ always the little things, isn’t it? That did it. Thanks! (Can’t say that I’ve ever clicked that button before…)