Help!! In-text citations in alphabetical order?

Dear all,

I’m an EndNote newbie and I’m trying to write an essay with Harvard-style referencing, which requires that author names appear alphabetically in in-text citations (e.g. Abel, 2005, Bardenstein, 2000, Colins, 2011). However, I have noticed that these citations do not automatically appear in alphabetical order when I insert them (unless I manually make sure that I add them in the correct order). Is there any way to automate this process? It would save me a lot of time!

Thanks very much in advance!


You specify the sort order, if necessary, by the Sort Order option in the Style itself. 

Edit> Output Style> Edit “Harvard” -then go to the Citation “sort order” opton and choose the order you would prefer. (often, author, year, then title) - or you could chose “same as the bibliography” (which is Author, Year, Title funnily enough.). 

Save As to a new name (Harvard-sorted) and make sure your manuscript uses this newly named style for formating.  Since I had to do it to describe it, I attach the resulting altered output style.  If you open the attached and save it (you can in this instance, retain the new name and delete the “copy” part), and use this for your manuscript. You should be set, but do learn the intracacies of the software at some point!  It can be rewarding!

Harvard-sorted.ens (25.3 KB)
Harvard-sorted.ens (25.3 KB)

Thanks so much for your quick reply and for the file - worked perfectly!

At the risk of asking another stupid question, would you perhaps also be able to tell me how to remove the parantheses surrounding in-text citations? For instance, if I want to write “Many studies have shown that apples taste better than pears (for literature reviews, see Abel, 2004; Bardenstein 2000; and Colins 2007)”, it will show up as “Many studies have shown that apples taste better than pears (for literature reviews, see (Abel, 2004, Bardenstein 2000, Colins 2007))”. 

Thanks again!


That is achieved by the right click, edit citation (or X4 tools, edit citation) and adding the prefix and suffix text to the appropriate boxes, including spaces and punctuation. So the "For literature review, see " goes into the prefix for your example. 

Perfect, thank you very much again for your help!! :slight_smile:

Hi there, I apologise if this has been asked before - but can you tell me how to list a bibliography alphabetically with the surname, firstname order?

Many thanks

It is defined in the output style selected. most author, year styles are alphabetical by first author surname.  Numbered can be by appearance or alphabetically ordered.  Edit>output styles> edit “the output style you are using”  

The setting is under Bibliography, sort order.  see attached image.  

Then “save as” and rename as appropriate (recommend you don’t use the exact same name). 

then make sure you change the output style to the newly named revised output style in the DOCUMENT on the endnote ribbon – not in Endnote program itself. The first time you may have to show all styles, to find the new one, as it may not appear in the dropdown yet.