Help merging two references when both have been cited

Is there any way to merge two duplicate references into one so that I don’t lose the connection in the Microsoft word document? In other words, I have two references to the same exact work cited in multiple places in one document. I would like to merge the duplicates, and still have the microsoft word document reflect them.

Thanks for any advice!

you mean they are listed twice in the bibliography? 

From the Endnote X7 (windows) help:

"The Formatting preferences panel allows you to control the formatting of bibliography entries in a word processor and whether EndNote automatically omits duplicate references from a bibliography.

To access these settings, go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and then select Formatting from the list of preferences."

This option in formating is shown in the attached image.  

The help goes on to say:

Merge Duplicates in Bibliography
When you select this option, EndNote automatically omits duplicate references from a bibliography. Use this option if you are citing references from multiple EndNote libraries in one paper. In this situation, the same article reference might appear in two libraries and would have two different record numbers. EndNote will not identify the records as duplicates unless you have this option set to merge duplicates.

When you select this option, EndNote checks the bibliography for duplicate references during the formatting process. If duplicates are found, they are removed. References are considered duplicates if they are the same reference type (such as Journal Article or Book) and the following fields are identical: Author, Year, Title, Secondary Title (Journal, Newspaper, Magazine, Book Title, Series Title, Conference Name, and so on), Volume, Issue, and Pages.

Note: The Duplicates Preferences settings do not apply to this feature. The criteria for determining duplicates is fixed for the “Merge Duplicates in Bibliography” setting.

In “Edit” menu, there is no the option of “preferences”…

That is where it is on the PC version.  I think the Apple version it may be under the apple menu?  Check Endnote help on your version.