HELP SERIOUSLY NEEDED ASAP! Issues with Endnote Updated Journal lists and NOT updating in MS Word

Hi there, I am using a Macbook Pro 2011 with 2011 MS Word and Endnote X7 (I cannot update because this is the latest version I could download for free from my university). My paper needs abbreviated journal titles. I went through the steps on Endnote and have the correct output style (Trends in Ecology and Evolution) selected and Abbreviation 1. I have gone through and know many of them have abbreviations under abbreviation 1 but NONE of them will update on MS Word. I unformatted and reformatted just now and it didn’t change, they are still in full name. Please help!!! PS I also did deleting all of my journal lists and added the ones from endnote back. 

Did you follow all the steps shown in the “Journal Names” training video? When you modified your output style to use Abbreviation 1 the change was saved to a new output style file - so did you change your Endnote/MS Word setting to use your new output style file?

Hi CrazyGecko,

Yes, I followed all of the steps of the video and selected the new copy (with abbreviations 1) but it still did not work. I then tried the original again and that did not work either. I’d prefer not to have to make edits to all of the references but it looks like i MAY have to do it manually… 

Did you try unformatting and reformatting the citations? Can you take a screenshot of the following and attaching it: 1) your journals term list showing the journal titles and the abbreviations, and 2) the Journal Names setting of your output style?

Yes, I did try that too. Images are attached, I think this is what you were asking for. 

Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 3.36.51 PM.jpeg.png

Thanks for the screenshots - both items appear to be in order and you’re using the correct output style file, so it’s unclear why the Journal lists are not updating. Suggest you contact tech support:

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Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: