Problem with "Find references update" and journal abbreviation editor

Dear members of the forum:

this is my first post, I tried by all means to solve an issue regarding the abbreviations in the style editor. Even though I was changing the configuration nothing was happening in my bibliography. I discover that the problem is that many occasion I imported citations with the wrong journal title format, even though I always updated the reference using the “Find reference update”. Now, I need to go article by article changing the journal title to its full expression… I have a looong list. Could someone help me to speed up the process? I tried to select multiple articles in the same journal and changed at the same time without success…


Hello Frencisco,

The best way to resolve this problem is likely going to be to use the Journal Term list, rather than changing the citations individually.

Here is a knowledge base article that discusses importing Journal Terms, and replacing and updating that list, which is many cases is going to dramatically cut down on the amount of manually replacing journal terms.

Please let us know if you have further trouble.



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