Endnote does not synchronize changes in journal name (but all other changes)

Hi all,

I am using Endnote X9 on my Mac and I’m having problems with my reference list.

I need to correct some of the journal names as they have capitalization errors. However, after changing them in my Endnote library, the changes are not synchronized to my reference list. I definitely have the right version of the reference in my Bibliography.

Closing Endnote and Word as well as deleting the citation and inserting it again did not help as well. All other changes are synchronized correctly (e.g. changes in Pages or Names).

Does anyone have any idea how I might solve this problem? It’s quite a lot citations so it would really help if Endnote would just syncrhonize it correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help!


You need to correct the journal name entries in the Journals term list as this is where EndNote picks the journal information from. Term lists are under Tools.

Kind regards

Thank you so much Patti, it worked!

This Knowledgebase article has great instructions and a video.  Make sure after going thru these steps, you turn off the update options in the preferences, so it doesn’t mess up your new terms list.