I’ve been using Endnote for several years now and have X5.0.1 installed.  Everytime I add a reference to the bibliography, it duplicates citations already in the text.  For example, “who invokes the consultant’s help in a current work problem” (p. 11)(p. 11)(p. 11)(p. 11)(p. 11)”  This just started and I want to find a solution so that I can finish the last chapter of the dissertation without much hassle.

Any thoughts? 


This behavior may occur if you’ve got Track Changes turned on in Word and have been working in the “Final Showing Markup” mode.  It is alright to use Track Changes in conjunction with EndNote, but you’d need to be in “Final” mode when adding new citations and/or formatting your bibliography. 

Whether or not you’ve been working with Track Changes, I would suggest saving a backup copy of the document, accept any existing changes (if you had been tracking changes) and then proceed with the steps listed in the following knowledge base artcle to clean up the field codes within your document-

Please let me know if this helps.

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I had a similar problem recently with entries repeating in the reference list when citations were added to the text. It was due to a stray field code. The reference list had been manually deleted previously.


I am new to endnote. I have endnote X2 version installed in my computer. I am writing one journal with using endnote. My problem is When i insert citation, I am not able to insert the text Lokey et al instead all the names are coming in citation.

I will be grateful if you could me on how to get et al after first name as is mandatory in journals.

I suspect you are using a random style, rather than the style you need to use to generate the publishers required format.  Where are you publishing.  You need to change the output style in the manuscript to be one that more closely aligns with your requirements. 

Have you reviewed the Getting Started Manual installed in the Program folder, or considered doing one or more of the Webinars available from the support pages at    The program is very powerful, but the developers have yet to integrate a mind reading capacity! :confounded: