every time I update references, paper inserts a duplicate citation

Dear Forum,

An update, every time I update references, paper inserts a duplicate citation. 

Apologies for multiple postings.  I don’t want to change or regenerate until I get some advice.  Thanks in advanced for anyone who can take the time.



Text text (Eichenberger, 2010)(Eichenberger, 2010)(Eichenberger, 2010)(Eichenberger, 2010) text text…

APA 6th.ens (68.9 KB)

This is always due to some corruption of endnote fields in the document and the best way to recover from it, is to first make a copy of the document – then on one of the copies run thru the steps here:  http://endnote.com/kb/81143

Dear Leanne,

Thank you for your response and diagnosis.  I have used this procedure before on another paper and will go through it again tomorrow with this currently corrupted paper.

Do you have any ideas about why I am regularly (second time) having this problem with corrupted EndNote codes?  Could it be because I sometimes (accidentally) erase a citation by backspacing over it, rather than using the “Remove” function for editing citiations? 

Best, r

In my experience, it is often due to someone trying to edit the fields directly, or partially deleting or adding to text near (in) an endnote field, often a collaborator who doesn’t understand endnote, - extenisive tracked changes,  switching between MS word versions/OS.  I share my documents with CWYW off, in the unformatted state,  if at all possible.  – have a record number bibliography style, so I can Unlink that with word tools so they can see a bibliography when reviewing the paper. I rarely use synced libraries, and try to reformat on the same computer with the same library.  The amount of info hidden in those field codes is huge. 

Thanks for the refelction, Leanne.

A quick question, Leanne. 

When you say you share your docs with CWYW off, do you mean with Instant Formatting turned off?  This sounds great, because then I guess I could just turn it on again. But what if a reviewer adds a track changes code to a ctiation?  For example, changes the spelling of an author name from “Cop, 2011” to “Coop, 2001?”  Then, when I turn on CWYW again, couldn’t this possibly lead to the corruption problem?

Best, rcors

Your library wouldn’t match it, and Endnote would prompt you for the correct citation when you go to update it, so you would then need to look it up to determine if they are right, or you are right.  On the other hand, if they make the change in your endnote formatted citation, it would either be erased when you update it or add another citation,  or it could become corrupted.  


I have followed all the steps you mention and it is definitely not working for me. 

My problem is not during the citation within the next, but rather in the reference list. So, the reference list gets duplicated everytime I add a new reference to the text. 

I would really appreciate the help!