Repeated bibliography

Everytime I add a citation using the ‘Insert Citation’ tool in EndNote X5, my bibliography is duplicated. If I add two references, I get two duplicates. If I add four, I get four.  How can I stop this from happening? (Note, it only seems to happen on one particular (important) document).

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling EndNote - several times, and that does not solve the problem.

I am trying to get a book finished by several months ago, and decided to used EndNote to speed things up. My University IT support cannot help me with this. Hence I am FedUp.

Can anyone help, please?


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Reinstalling endnote rarely repairs a problem like this, which is usually due to some corruption in the word processed file.  

The best way to repair the file is to follow the instructions here, although the FAQ is in response to a different problem. 

Thanks - sorry for posting in the wrong place. Haven’t got time to work out where my post should go.

Now I get a message when I insert a citation that says ‘there are no references in the frontmost library’. I have my usual library open. Do you know how to solve that one?

No, haven’t had that one.  I would close both the document and endnote, open word, then open endnote from word to make sure that the correct "endnote program is connecting to word.  and try doing the first insert from endnote with the reference selected. 

I am new to EndNote and just installed X5 and am using it with word. I am having the exact problem as described above - this repeating bibliography. I go through a section adding citations and then scroll down to look at my bibliography section and it’s enormous. Several pages long of incremental lists of my references. eg. 1.; 1,2;, 1,2,3;. …

That link you provided no longer seems to work. Can you direct me to the solution? thank you!!!