How can I cite a standard with Endnote? I don't understand what the fields mean...

I want to cite ISO 9001:2000. How would I fill my Endnote reference?

  1. Institution: International Organization for Standardization
  2. Year: 2000
  3. Title: Quality management systems - Requirements
  4. Section Title:
  5. Place Published:
  6. Publisher:
  7. Rule Number:
  8. Session Number:
  9. Section Number:
  10. Paper Number:
  11. Date:
  12. Document Number:
  13. Accession Number:
  14. Call Number:
  15. Label:

I think the first three are correct. What should I write in the remaining categories?

What output style are you using and do you have a style guide for your discipline/field?  This info will help determine what information is needed for filling-in the fields.