ISO 690 Style

The ISO 690 is often used by the teachers in my institucion. The EndNote program has not this style. I have just suggested it to EndNote this morning. I would like know if someone is using it in the EndNote program and could send me it to avoid me making a new style in EndNote.Thanks.Greetings. Rocío Fernández (Burgos University’s librarian)

Since I can only find some limited information on what this style requires, I can’t make any specific recommendations. 

How does it reference in-text citations? 

All I could find was this from Wikipedia:  As all ISO standards, I think it is only available for purchase.   

Once you know what it needs to look like, then we might be able to parse it to match one of Myoshigi’s styles:

If you get close, you might need to change the Author to all caps.  BTW, Endnote will not be able to handle a surname all caps and the given name in lowercase.  Best to just stick with initials, avoiding this kind of problem. 

If you get stuck, post the closest match you can find and your problem.  One of us can probably tweak it for you. 

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Dear Leanne,I am grateful for your help. I have just de ISO 690 standard and I know all its requirements. The only thing I need is the EndNote style. I will try create it.Greetings,Rocío Fernández