How do I get Endnote X3 from placing references in the wrong location.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Word 2007 and all the latest service packs.  When I am writing an essay with footnotes but not bibliography page.  Everytime I go to insert a refrence in the footnote a full copy of the reference list is placed after the current paragraph.  How do I get that to stop?

Interesting bug (??) with Win 7 and Word 2007, but are you able to reproduce the same thing in other OS or Word versions? Many users here still use XP (and some Vista), and very few uses Win 7, I guess. We won’t be very helpful if you can’t reproduce the same thing in other OS or Word.

If I use one of the templates which provides for a bibliography page it doesn’t do it.  Only when I am trying to do a footnoted essay which needs no bibliography.  It seems to get confused if it doesn’t need to produce a bibliography.

So, how about attaching the template you are using?

I’ve never used manuscript templates that come with Endnote, and I’m using Word 2003.

Somebody using Word 2007 may help?? I’m not sure.

Or directly communicate with Thomson Reuters. They may be able to check your template.