Word 2007 jumping to end of document when inserting citations in footnote.. how to get rid of it?


Just now I registered as a (Dutch) member here, so I hope I’m posting this in the right thread… I tried to search for an answer in previous posts, but couldn’t find any…

I’m using Word 2007 (Windows XP) and Endnote X1. I’m rather new to EndNote. Whenever I’m inserting a citation in a footnote, EndNote also adds the reference to the bibliography at the end of the document. Which is perfectly fine with me.

But is there something I could do about Word jumping to the end of the bibliography everytime I insert a citation? This even happens when I insert references which are already in the bibliography.

My document is 75 pages long and everytime I insert a citation, Word jumps to the end of the document and I find myself scrolling back to find the footnote I was working in… This takes a tremendous amount of time!

Any help is appreciated!


Ah, I found the answer myself (by searching this forum)! :smileyvery-happy:

So thanks previous posters! :wink:


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