How to use Word endnotes and Endnote X7 for references


I was trying to use Word endnotes for notes (office version mac 2008) and Endnote X7 for references.

By default it somehow puts the word endnotes in the end and not the references.

But since the word endnotes are basically like footnotes (and no I can’t use footnotes, I need endnotes) they should appear BEFORE the references and not after.

How can I make it so that the references from EndnoteX7 are at the very end and not the word endnotes?

Thanks so much for your help!

Cut and paste the references where you want them. That works for putting the references before the figures and tables. However, if you re-format your references, EndNote will put them at the end again. I have not tried it with end notes.

Word by default puts endnotes at the end of the document.  

What you want to do is change the settings to put them at the end of the section, and put your endnote bibliography in the next section.  

The easiest way to do this, assuming you don’t have your document broken up into sections already (in which case I am not sure how to do what you want) is to insert a break (a “new page” section) (from page layout ribbon in Word 2010-2013, not sure where these settings are in Mac Word 2008) BEFORE your existing endnote bibliography.  Then  edit your endnotes settings so that they are located at the end of the section and not the end of the document. 

(Note added in edit:  I tried to find the “how to for word 2008”  – maybe here - but there are indications that it might have changed for 2008?