how do I make clickable In-Text citations (hyperlinks)

Hi-- is there any way to make In-text citations hyperlinks?

This would be really useful both in a word processor and in exported content.

For example, if I generate a PDF from Microsoft Word the Cross-references in the TOC are clickable: it jumps me to the relevant chapter. The List of Figures is clickable. In fact, everything cross-linked is clickable EXCEPT endnote citations. Hate to say it but Word 2007 biblio references (the competition) are clickable, too.

Additionally, if hyperlinks were supported and I export to HTML then I could have a web page with clickable hotlinks, but not Endnote citations.

This seems like a natural thing for a bibliographical software to support. 

We’re up to version 12 of Endnote so maybe it’s it inthere and I haven’t figured it out.

Am I missing something obvious? 


Hi, your post is from a while ago. I wonder if you found a solution to your problem, since I also want to make the linked pdf’s clickable in the reference list. I did not succeed either, yet.

Sincerely, Jammer

Hiya - I’m also wondering if you’ve gotten an answer to this yet. I contacted Thomson ResearchSoft Customer Techincal support with the same question, but I haven’t heard back from them.  If EndNote doesn’t have this capability, does anyone know of a reference managment program that does?

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Still no way to do this in X2 to my knowledge.

What I ended up doing previously to get an HTML  document with hyperlinks is to export with Unformatted Citations then I used a batch search/replace function (actually Regular Expressions) in Dreamweaver to replace the {Author, Year #1000} with (<a href=“AuthorYear.html”>Author, Year</a>) for a similar effect. It gets a little messy when you have multiple pubs in one Author/Year (it required manual editing).

I think Endnote is really missing the boat with this and many are flocking to open source alternatives like Zotero.

You may be interested in see the end result of my efforts to convert in-text citations to  hyperlinks on this website

it’s my 945 pg dissertation converted into a “Book” in the Drupal web management system with the Biblio (Drupal) Module for citation management. I ended up using unique IDs (Endnote ref #) as the URL for the in-text hyperlink to point to.

The process of converting the document is written up here

Many thanks for your help. It looks like we’ll be shopping for a new program.

Many thanks! I was looking for this and landed on the right page.