How do I make the in-text citations superscripted for Vancouver style using Cite While You Write?

Hi, I tried to insert in-text citations to my Word file in Vancouver style. However, I found the inserted in-text citation is not superscripted. And I would like to remove the brackets too.

Can I use Cite While You Write to insert in-text citations that are superscripted and not bracketed?

You may create a copy of the default Vancouver style in Endnote and modify it as you preferred (e.g.: make it superscripted and not bracketed).

Below are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Endnote, choose " Tools" from the top bar menu >  Output Styles  > Edit "Vancouver
    (For  Endnote X9 or earlier : Choose "Edit " from the top bar menu >  Output Styles  >  Edit "Vancouver")

  2. Edit the template according to your preference.
        (e.g. making it superscripted, deleting the bracket)
        i)    Choose " Templates" under  Citations
        ii)   Highlight " Bibliography Number" in the field " Citation"
        iii)  Click the icon for  superscript
        iv)  Delete the brackets
        (See the attached image)

  3. Choose " Save As" under " File" from the top bar menu and save the revised style as " Vancouver superscript".

  4. In your MS Word file, open the Endnote tab.

  5. Select " Select Another Style…" from the  Style  pull-down menu.

  6. Choose the newly created style " Vancouver superscript" form the list and click " OK".

  7. Insert the reference from your Endnote library to your Word file using this new style.
        You will find the in-text citation superscripted and not bracketed.

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