Citations disappear when I change to Vancouver superscripted reference style

Hello, would appreciate some help. I referenced an essay using Vancouver style and then realise it should have been Vancouver superscipted. So I followed instructions that I had found about editing the style and removing the brackets and making it superscripted to create a new style. That seemed to go fine but whenever I select to change the document to “Vancouver superscripted” the citations disappear from my document. Any idea why thats happening?
Thanks so much in advance for any help!

Are you certain you didn’t choose a footnote style? I have made the update to the attached version of Vancouver on my endnotex9.3.3 version.
Vancouverlmw-superscripted.ens (33.2 KB)
Can you attach your edited style to a reply?

Thanks for your help. I dont think I have chosen a footnote style. How do I attached my edited style to a reply? (I am not very endnote savvy - Im sorry!)

try opening the one I attached and then save as - then switch to it in your document, to see if it works.

To find yours. You could search your home drive for *.ens (on a pc anyway).

On mine, it is in the “documents” folder, then endnote folder and then styles. These are the styles you would have downloaded or edited (the original installed styles live in the program folder and cannot be edited there, but endnote looks in both folder locations when it looks for styles). BTW, You should always give the edited style a new name or your computer could have two files in two different folders and endnote always picks the wrong one from the installed rather than user edited version!

Thank you! Using your attached style worked. Appreciate your help!

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