How do I modify hanging indent to the desired? (there is no option that suits our declared format)

Hey community,
I’ve been using EndNote X9 for two days now and I must say that I am satisfied because I have modified the citations/bibliography to the required form which the teachers request from us.

However I am not able to get the right hanging indent on the bibliography. I would like to have an indent on the second paragraph so that the text would be alligned to the red line as it can be seen in attachement [wanted_indent]

I am only able to align it this way - attachment [my_indent]

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I have tried all the options on Layout -> Hanging indent, so there must be another trick I guess)

Thank you very much!

Check the layout setting in the template you have created.  It is rather eclectic when your bibliography layout settings are different from those in the style, which one take prescident.  I also suggest you ensure you have a tab after the bibliography number to get them to line up correctly.  

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I have checked the Layouts before I posted this topic, but I have missed the TAB thing.

Now when I inserted TAB after the [number] it worked perfectly.

Many thanks for the help!

Best regards