Bibliography layout problems

I am having some problems with the layout of my reference list. I have had to modify an output style to the appropriate configuration. The reference list needs to have a hanging indent for the second line of each reference. Despite changing the numbers in the Layout tab of the Format Bibliography function, the list remains un-indented. I have checked other output styles that do work correctly and used the same settings, but the second line remains un-indented. The other options in the Layout tab work fine (line spacing etc).

Can any suggest a fix?

I’m running Endnote X.0.2.



Yes, I ran into this problem a few years ago.  The format bibliography menu for Layout, will not override the hanging indent (none) setting in the Layout of the style itself. 

In contrast, you can override the hanging indent, (all paragraphs) setting in the style, though, thru the format bibliography Layout menu.  - so it is easy to see why someone just might get confused!  I suppose we should report this as a bug.  The hanging indent properties probably should be in one place or the other, but not both. 

Check out the lower right hand option in the attached gif and see what your style has there. 


That’s done it - thanks!!