How do I open PDF in non-default pdf viewing programme?


I want to open PDF files from EndNote in Drawboard PDF so I can hilight and draw on them using my touchscreen monitor.  Adobe Reader DC is my PC’s default PDF viewing programme and I don’t want to change that.  Is there a way to make EndNote open PDFs in my choice of programme and not the operating system default one?

I’m using Windows 10 and EndNote X7.7.1



Unfortunately, no. Endnote’s viewing of PDF files is dictated by the default setting in Windows. So you would need to change the default setting from Adobe Acrobat to Drawboard PDF – at least for the time you are annotating your Endnote-related PDF files.

Hi,  Thanks for your speedy response.  I thougt that was probably the case.  Annoying but I can work around it by opening from the Library.Data folder.


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