PDF viewer Endnote X7

Hi all,

How can I change the settings of Endnote x7 so that I when I double click or click on open PDF it opens my PDF in Acrobat rather than this very poor Endnote viewer? I really need to use a quick of doing this as the viewer is just not good enough. I need the features available in the Acrobat to view the PDF.

I hope there is a way (Endnote used to open PDF in Acrobat…)

Thanks in advance, Jessy

Change the Preferences “Read/Unread” setting to “Viewing it in a standalone Reference window” (see attached image -

Go to the toolbar, select Edit > Preferences, then click Read/Unread.).

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You can also right click the reference, click File Attachments, click Open File.

or CTRL+ALT+P opens it in your default PDF application, 

but my settings are as CrazyGecko shows, and double clicking opens it in the PDF Application not in Endnote’s – so that might be the trick!  

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That setting doesn’t change it at all for me, it was on by default when I downloaded EndNote. I am really tired of using EndNote’s PDF view or clicking through the menu options to send it to Reader every time.

Any suggestions?