How does sync know which library is newest?


Forgive me if these questions are covered in Help or Forums, but I haven’t found them yet.

At present I have the same EndNote library on 3 different PCs, and I keep them synced via a USB stick with a batch file routine. It works fine, copying files from all the different locations where EndNote keeps stuff, but I have to remember to run it and bring the USB stick with me. I’ve just updated to X7.2, and automatic, instant sync via the cloud sounds neat, but how smart is it?

First, suppose I only ever have one copy open at a time. If I add records, presumably those records will get added to the libraries on my other PCs the next time they are opened. But what if I delete records or maybe delete text from certain fields? How will sync know whether to make the same deletions in other copies rather than restore the (unwanted) deletions from the fuller versions? In other words, can I be sure that my latest actions in one EndNote library will be replicated in the other copies next time they are opened?

Secondly, what happens if the library is open on more than one different computer at the same time?

Third, I keep pdfs in my own folder on each PC (identical location) rather than using automatic import. If I make sure the pdfs are in place, will EndNote sync cope OK?

Thanks for any pointers.