Shared library and new computers

I look after our department’s EdnNote library. The library is on my local disk and I have invited my colleagues to share that library so we’re all using Sync. Our computers are about to be replaced.

  • What do I have to do to my library so I don’t break sync?
  • What do my colleagues have to do to get access to the synced library?

Edited to add: some of us are on version X8 and some on X9, all of us are on Windows 7, but after the new computers we’ll all be on X9 under Windows 10.



I recommend you back up (make a copy) of your endnote library to a safe place and then compress the library to a different safe space.  If you can put it in the exact same folder path on the new machine, but even if you don’t, I think this will work (I have copied what is essentially method 2 from  this link:  to the end of the message)

I prefer this to letting endnote synch as it keeps the record numbers the same and works whether your documents are formatted or unformatted.  Mind you I also have changed my preferences to use accession numbers rather than record numbers to avoid some of the failure to keep record numbers consistent between synched libraries on different machines.  I think those of your colleagues that access the shared library do so on from the cloud version?  It shouldn’t matter which machine they are on, if they login to the endnote online?  I don’t use that capability, so I am not sure if I am correct on that though.  If they have desktop libraries, they should back them up as well.  


copied from the above knowledge base link: 


Compress Library for EndNote X and later users:

You can save your complete library (the filename.enl file as well as its associated .Data folder and all of its contents) to a single compressed filename.enlx file in order to easily back up your library or send a copy to a colleague. Later, you can easily restore (unzip) the compressed library with EndNoteNote:  This will only work if everyone is using  Endnote X or later.

To save to a compressed library file:

  1. Open the library in EndNote.
  2. Endnote X/X1:  from the “File” menu, select “Send to” and then “Compressed Library”.
    Endnote X2 and later:  from the “File” menu, select “Compressed Library (.enlx)” and then “Create”.
  3. Use the file dialog to save to an _EndNote _Compressed Library (filename.enlx).

To restore a compressed library file:

  1. Use  EndNote X or later  to open the filename.enlx file, which will extract the .ENL file and the .Data folder to
    the same folder where the .enlx file is located.
  2. Use _EndNote _to open the filename.enl file as you normally would to use the library.