how to abbreviate the journal name according to index medicus in endnote?

Hi im struggling how to prepare the reference list wth journal name abbreviated according to index medicus in endnote? I am preparing for protocol for BMJ, but seems no tempalte available fit it. thanks for your help

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EndNote comes with an Index Medicus term list for medicine, but you need to activate it for your library. Have you done this?

If not, do the following:

Tools → Open Term lists → Journals Term list

If the number of journal terms in the list is less than several 1000, you have not imported the term list.

Click on one of the journal names and click Ctrl A (Highlight everything) → Delete Term (Nothing is deleted in your library)

Click on the “List” tab and click on “Journals” to get it highlighted.

Import list → Choose the file “Medical” → Open file *

You will now get a message telling you that 13.000+ terms are imported . Close widows.

If you use a style that is programmed to use standard abrrevations, EndNote will now pick these from the term list.

* If the correct folder with the medical.txt file doean’t open directly, you will find this file in Programs → EndNoteX7 → Term lists.

I hope this was helpful.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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Great info from Jan Ove.   For more details and a handy video walk thru, see

Thank you very much! It really helps me!

Thanks a lot, the video is awesome!

Thank you Jan for the information. 

I am using Endnote basic on my MAC. I do not see the ‘tools’ and therefore cannot proceed further. Please help.


Sorry, I understand this is only available in the desktop version of endnote, not the online basic version.  You could trial it (once) to perform this task, or purchase a desktop copy.  (am just a user, not affiliated with the software people).  

Great information, thanks very much Jan Ove