Manage several Journals term lists

If I create 2 term lists for journals, only one of the two is used when an output style defines that Journal Names Format is from an Abbreviation. Is it a bug ?

Let me explain further:

Create a Journal Term list with a term

Full name      Abb1   Abb2   Abb3

Abcde Abc.    Abcd.  Ab.

Create a Journal2 Term list with a term

Full name Abb1 Abb2 Abb3

Xyzkw Xyz.                 Xy.       Xyzk.

Create a reference with the journal name Abcde and another one with Xyzkw.

Create a style that uses Abbreviation 3 as Journal Name Format

The journal for first reference is show as Ab.                            It is correct

The journal for second reference is show as Xyzkw                It is not correct. It should be Xyzk.

It seems that Journal2 Term list is not taken into account for journal name substitution. But it is used for the auto-complete when Journal name is entered manually.

(I have simplified the situation, of course my bibliography is a little bit more complex ! But the idea is similar)

Thanks a lot


PS: Mac Endnote X4 is used

As far as I know, the term list linked to the field Journal is the one used to convert to the specified abbreviation.  Why aren’t they all in one jounal terms list?  you can export one and import it into the others.  You can see which journal list is linked, by  tools>link lists, and see which one journal is linked to (presumably the first one). 

I am actually a bit surprised the auto complete works.  But it may be that the auto update has included the “Xyzkw” in journal list 1?  That preference is set an default - and I make sure that those updates are turned off, Edit>preferences>terms lists. Otherwise my terms lists end up with lots of first column entries that don’t have anything in the other columns.