How to add an URL?

I am trying to manually add a reference to a webpage and I cannot get it to cite properly.  Can someone please tell me what fields I need to complete?  Please and thank you!


The format of a web page reference within your reference list would depend on the output style you’ve selected when generating your bibliography.  To determine how the Electronic Citation reference type has been defined within this particular style:

1.  Open Reference Manager.

  1. a.  In versions 10 and earlier, click “Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

    b.  In Reference Manager 11 and 12, click “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

3.  Find your style on the list and double click on the name.

4.  On the Edit Style window, click on the “Bibliography” tab.

5.  Check to see if “Electronic Citation” has a unique definition.  If Electronic Citation has not been defined, Reference Manager would be using the fields within the “Generic” definition for your Electronic Citation records.

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