How to add note as reference

I want to add a text note as a reference, for example, reference 26 must look like this

(26) For the experimental data, see Tables S1 and S2 in the Supporting Information.

How can I do this in EN?

Also, how to add a note in prior to grouped reference like

(21) For cation−π interaction, see: **(**a) Kumpf, R. A.; Dougherty, D.

A. Science 1993, 261, 1708−1710. (b) Dougherty, D. A. Science 1996, 271, 163−168. (c) Cabarcos, O. M.; Weinheimer, C. J.; Lisy, J. M. J. Chem. Phys. 1999, 110, 8429−8435.

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