How to apply forced separation to a combination of fields???

When using in-text citations, I would like to have the opportunity to add the year and the page numbers, like

Jensen and Meckling (1976: 317-318)

I have implemented this by

Author |(Year:Cited Pages|)

This works perfectly in situations without cited pages as well. However, if I only want to use the author name - by checking exclude year in the edit citation menu in Word - I end up with Jensen and Meckling). So, with a parenthesis.

Is it possible to solve this problem? For example by combining Year and Cited pages to one field? Or is my request not feasible with the current options in EndNote?

Thank you very much in advance.



Author |(Year:Cited Pages|)

If you have forced separation before the last " ) ", it appears no matter what. So, I thought this would work.

Author |(Year:Cited Pages)

Here’s the Endnote rules #1 for adjacent text: Any text or punctuation that is not separated from a field name by an ordinary space is dependent on the adjacent field.

If you don’t have “Cited Pages” AND exclude “Year” from Edit Citation, the first parenthesis “(” should be gone, the colon “:” should be gone, and the last parenthesis should also be gone.

But…it doesn’t work that way. I still saw the last parenthesis.

hmmm, it may be a bug??

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