how to capitalise selected words in journal titles? EndNote for Mac

I have recently switched to mac and this is the first time I’m completing an article using EN for mac. The journal I’m submitting to has a citation style where the title of articles is generally presented in lower case in the bibliography, so I have that selected as a default in the style settings. However, there are some words in the titles I need to capitalise (such as names of countries or people, or abbreviations like ‘ICT’). I remember that EN for Windows had a particular place where you could insert words that should remain capitalised, but I have looked everywhere (or so it feels like), and I can’t locate the same function on EN for mac. 

Can someone help? I’m frustrated :confounded:

Have your checked the equivalent place in the EN preferences?  I am pretty sure it is there.  Preferences in the Mac are accessed via the “EndNoteX?” menu rather than the Edit menu  in the PC version. 

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I found it now - thanks!! :slight_smile: