Sentence style capitalization and proper nouns

I was trying to help a colleague prepare her manuscript, and the journal’s style doesn’t yet exist in EndNote (I submitted a request), so we created a new one.  She needs sentence style capitalization for article titles, but obviously with proper nouns capitalized.  We tried choosing the “Leave titles as entered option,” but a number of her references imported with wacky capitalization.

I’ve told her that she can either go through her references to clean up all of the capitalization, then choose “Leave titles as entered.”

OR that she can use the Edit->Preferences->Change case option and enter all of the country names, etc. that appear in the article titles.

My questions–Are there any other options that are less time consuming?  Is there a downloadable list of proper nouns that she can just add to Change Case or copy and paste into it?  I suspect the answer is No, but thought I’d check.  Thanks!