How to change all in-text citations to footnotes

I wrote a phd thesis by using EndNote for in-text citations and, after I submitted the text, they decided to change the requirement concerning the format of the citations.

I now have to convert all in-text citations to footnotes. The footnotes have to contain the full bibliographical reference; i.e., the one that is included also at the end of the file within the bibliography.

I would ideally like a macro that could automate this conversion task over all references contained in a word file. Does anybody know how to do that?

Thanks in advance!

I would reach out to customer support (below I also copied TMartin’s responses will give you the “how to” call them).  I do know that there are macro’s others have published – Here is a thread from 2014 which gives a macro and a post from support saying they also have some tools in another response. 

contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


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