Convert endnotes to footnotes

Dear all,

I am using Endnote X7 with MS office 2010

I have a text where the references were inserted via EndNote as a specific numbers occured during the text corresponded to specific reference, and the resulted bibliography has been emerged at the end of the document. Is it possible now to convert this format, from Endnote to Footnote, thus making that each ref will appeared within the footnote of the page where it was appeared?

Thanks for help!


You used the word processor to insert the footnote/endnote and you want the processor to change the way it handles endnotes to footnotes?  (as opposed to EndNote citations in the text).  discusses it I think.

if you want to convert in-text citations to footnotes, you might read this thread and note that one of the TR people said they have some tools as well in that thread.