How to change the path of a shared library

Dear community,

is it possible to change the path of a shared library so i can store it on a network drive, not on my workstation? The workstation drive is limited.

Have you tried to save a copy of it to the Network drive? Ours is located on our Network drive and multi-user access, although if the network copy of the library is open in read/write, only one user at a time can open it.  – We have two folders, one R/W and our IT guys have written a script, so that each night the contents are copied to a Read-Only folder that any one can open (but not edit) at any time.  Thus only if you need to edit or add references, do we open the R/W version.  

Dear all,

I think this hasn’t been solved yet. We have the same issue that our AppData/Roaming folders are limited in size. So, we need to be able to change the path EndNote saves the shared libraries. 

Can anyone help? We tried the registry but nowhere did we find any hint of a path other than the one for personal libraries. 

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Kind reminder. Without this functionality, EndNote Collaboration is useless :(