Server of Shared setup ?

Hi all

I need to setup EndNote in a shared environment so all our users can read libraries in a central location.
I’ve currently setup EndNote X1.0.1 (Is there a Endnote Server product?) on a network server, I am able to run EndNote via the shared installation but accessing the same library always reports with an error that the library is open for editing by another user.
Is there a way for me to view, as read only, the file that is open by another user ?
I’ve looked high and low for documentation on how this is achieved but am not able to find anything anywhere.
Can someone please point me in the right direction please.


I guess no (

There was a server version of EndNote, Now tehre is EndNote Web : maybe suited for you?


There is a network license available (at least we have one). 

As for sharing libraries, once a library is open for writing, it is not available to other users, even if they don’t have write access to it.  We solve the problem by having a read-only folder on our network which is written over by a script every night by a copy in a a read/write folder.