How to change the reference type in Online search

Hi, I am trying to search some online references. I have already establised a proper connection with the library. But when I run my search, I couldn’t get the requied references.May be beacuase it only searches for BOOKS or THESIS. How can I search a particular reference in all possible reference types?

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I’m not sure what you mean by an online reference type.  If you want to search for articles in an online database such as Medline, I suggest you go directly to the database itself, do the search, save the references in a tagged format (for Pubmed, the view format would be MEDLINE).  then save it to a text (.txt) file.  Then import it into Endnote.

the url to search Pubmed is

If this is not what you had in mind, you may want to restate and resubmit your question.

Sue Raymond 

The kind of information in a database is usually quite specific.  If you search a library’s database, it is usually only books and thesises. While some libraries can also allow access to journal articles,  you will need to talk your Librarian, to see if this is a service they provide and whether is is possible to access directly from Endnote or how to download them in an Endnote friendly format.   If you want journal articles you usually need to search a journal database (as Sue said), such as Pubmed, or a similar subject specific database in your area, which may be proprietary.   

In Endnote, you can use the Online Search for providers available, via the selecting the libary or database from the online search feature (in X2, tools, online search and select your library catalog (books) or other providers databases (like PubMed provided by NLM for science journal articles). In X1 and earlier, it is under Tools, Connect (I think).   

The alternative is described by Sue in her reply. 

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