Online database, books only?

Hello there. Any help will be gratefully received.

Whenever I do an online search using one of the online databases (eg Brit Lib, Oxford U) the only ‘ref types’ that are returned are ‘books’. There are never any journal papers so I always end up inputting them manually. Is this a general thing or am I doing something that prevents journal articles from appearing in an online search?

I’m using Windows 7, Endnote.


Different databases hold different kinds of data.  for example, Pubmed (a scientific publication database) pretty much only lists Journal Articles and very rarely any  books.  Libraries on the other hand tend to list only the books they have in their collection and don’t list individual Journal articles, but might list a “journal”  they subscribe to or possibly some might list journal articles their staff have authored.    Some propiretary (you need to subscribe to and usually payfor, or your institution may subscribe and grant access to their staff) databases are subject specific.  A more general, but not very user friendly for accessing/importing multiple articles, you might want to conisder with public access is Google Scholar. 

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for that insight. It makes sense and answers my question.

I just tried a Google Scholar run and managed to import a citation without too much trouble. Certainly better than typing it in by hand anyway :slight_smile:



it could be a good idea to let endnote read upc codes of books with an optical reader and let it find the infos someplace on the web (library of congress, amazon or alike…)

saves a lot of data entry.