How to check all references

1.  Is there a way of checking whether all references in an existing document (now almost complete thesis) appear in the bibliography?

2.  Are references entered using the previous program (Endnote 2) automatically linked into Endnote XI, or only the ones since the new software installed?

Thank you


Endnote 2?  really?  Don’t know…that is going way back in history.  Due to the various evolutions over the years, in the way that Endnote and Microsoft word work, I would recommend try to unformat the references on a copy of the manucript. Can you unformat the references to return them to the curley or square bracketed format?  If so, then refomating with a copy of the library that has all the references should work.  I know that without the unformat/reformat steps, it is unlikely that the bibliography is being correctly updated. 

Thank you Leanne. Much appreciated!!!