Updating bibliography

When I notice that a reference was somehow incorrectly entred by the library (source) and I have already cited that reference in my document I have no luck updating it. I manually alter the reference in my endnote library and then choose update bibliography. I end up with two references to the same journal article and if I choose the update one then I end up with two entries in my reference list as well.

For now, I am checking references before I cite them and resorting to changing the plain text document after finishing the report. I hope to resolve this problem before I write longer reports, and require same references in many papers…any help would be appreciated. 

If the change is to the first author surname or to the year, Endnote won’t recognize it as the new citation and will keep what it has in its “traveling library”.  The best way to avoid this, is to correct the citation from the word document by first going to one of the formated citations, edit citation (after right clicking in it) selecting more, then select the citation that needs to be corrected and choosing the edit reference to the right.  – correct the reference in the library and then close it (it won’t yet show the correction in that edit window and update the citations and bibliography from the endnote ribbon and it should fix the citation(s) and the bibliography.  In my test to check the steps, I inserted two and corrected one of them, and the other was also corrected.  otherwise, you can make a copy of your manuscript, and then unformat (convert to unformatted citations) and then update – and it will prompt you for those citations that no longer have a exact match in the endnote library, and you can replace them with the corrected entry.  (I provide a snip of the edit citation>more menu attached). 

Thanks for pointing out the edit function. I had been doing everything via the library rather than editing. I will give your solution a try. TIA

hello, I have a problem can you help me, please. I have formatted my references using Endnote X9 and when I finished formatting and at the end, I added a  new citation in the text and then my all formatting becomes zero and it returned to 0 where I stared. How can we keep formatting safe if we add the new reference after completing formatting?