Updated citations and bibliography not matching!!!

I’m having issues with my endnote bibliography in a word document. I noticed a couple of errors so went back to endnote and updated the citation.  So i then tried to reformat my bibliography in word, and it doesn’t update with the changes.  What do I do? 

Things I have already tried:

  • convert to unformatted citations - then reformatted bibliography

  • closing and opening word and endnote.

If you changed the primary author or the year, it is likely that endnote doesn’t know that the updated record matches the citation so it is pulling it from the “travelling library”, but I don’t know why unformatting to temporary citations wouldn’t prompt you to select the new corrected record in matching?  

Best way to correct a record in the library already used in a paper, is to do so from the citation, right click edit citation, more, and then find the citation and select the “edit reference” > edit library reference – correct it there, and going back should update the citation and retain the link.