How to create bibliography with certain reference types?

How can I accomplish that only certain reference types are shown in my bibliography? Deleting them from the “Edit style” menu does not work as I cannot delete the Generic type.

Which output style file and which “Generic” template are you trying to delete? There are 2 types: the reference type template (which cannot be deleted), and the bibliography template (which can be deleted). Could you provide a screenshot or description of what you are editing to clarify the template?

Which reference types should be included in bibliography? Could you also clarify whether these references are cited in-text? Or are you trying to generate a bibliography of selected references from your library that aren’t cited in-text?

why do you want to exclude certain refs.  You can’t remove the generic ref template but you can delete all its content.  

Im using a reference style that has the following rules:

In Footnotes I need to give full reference to newspaper articles and case law, but for books, journal articles and weblogs I only need to give a short reference (author’s name and year of publication).

Then, in the Bibliography need to reference only the sources that were referenced in the short form in the footnootes (i.e. books, journals and weblogs).

I have managed to correctly format the styles for the different reference types and deleted the types I dont want to be in the bibliography [screenshot 1], but I still get (almost empty) references for reference types that I deleted from in the bibliography [screenshot 2].

Can you attach your current output style to a post (Attachments can be added in the Choose File box below the message box).  

There you go. Thanks for the help!

Leidraad_Kluwer_v2_Scriptie_v4.ens (22.2 KB)

I see the issue seems to be caused by having text in the citation template.  If you clear those fields, it appears the random text in the bibliography goes away.  I have absolutely no idea why it would default to the citation template when the bibliography templates are empty, but that appears to be what has happened.  

A couple other little things I would clean up.

you have a superscripted Paragraph at the end of most of your bibliography templates, which introduce an extra line.  I would remove those.  

Some of your footnote templates have a short version, and some do not.  If you insert a second footnote with the same citation, it will be blank for those (ie newspaper).

Finally, your “Cited Pages” field isn’t preceded by a "link adjacent field, nor isolated by the | separation characters.  So the p. will appear whether you inserted pages or not.  – if you do just want to add them to the footnote, that is fine, – but if you didn’t want to included cited pages in the footnote, then you can’t alter it to remove the “p.”  – The best way to use the Cited pages is to insert the pages in the “edit citation” box and to edit the templates to be Author Year|,*p.*Cited Pages| where the stars indicate the “link adjacent” symbol which you insert from the insert field dropdown.  Once you fix the first one (both the primary and the short form versions) - then you can copy and past them into the rest of the templates (removing that pesky automatically inserted paragraph return superscript!).  

If you always included cited pages in the footnotes, and do it just by typing them into the footnote, then you are probably okay.  

Thanks for your help!

Concerning the footnotes, I always include the page numbers in the footnotes so I think I will be fine.

Concerning the bibliography, deleting the text in citations does indeed solve my problem but it also creates a now one. The layout of the Bibliography changes and no longer corresponds to the required style of referencing. I lose the bold “Author’s surname Year” above each source in bibliography [see screenshot]. Any way to solve this issue?

Sorry been out of the lab for the last week or so, so missed your followup question.  

Aha moment! 

I know NOW why the citation was appearing whether or not the record was included in the bibliography.  –  because the Layout field in the Bibliography has “Citation” which triggered the citation template Author Year which was bold and Last name only.  

There is no way I can think of off the top of my head to fix this, unless you create a custom field of author last name and year in each record that you want to include in the bibliography, or to delete those random “headings” just before submission.

If you created a LastNameYr custom field in the same custom field (recommend 8) for each of the RefTypes (modify the reftypes in preferences), they typed exactly what you expect to see in the heading (author last names up to 3, or first author last name et al and then followed by the year)  then you could include that field, bolded in Citation field and only see the item if the Custom field was present (but I haven’t yet gotten rid of an extra paragraph return if the field is empty!).  

There is no way I know of to treat the author differently in the heading, vs the bibliography itself, apart from the way it was done in the layout calling the “citation” and its associated template (with Last name only in the Author settings), and for most of your non-included citations in Bibliography, there is no author, which is why you only see the year.   There are also a very limited number of the fields available in layout, so you can’t seem to insert “year” there, for example.   

So sorry.  Perhaps Tech support or another user has better suggestons?