Exclude Reference Types from Bibliography

Is it possible to exclude specific reference types from the automatic generated bibliography?

Do you mean you want to retain the in-text citation but you don’t want the corresponding reference to appear in the bibliography list?  Seems a bit odd not to include the reference but if that’s what you want to do, you could modify the output style’s bibliography templates by deleting the ones (e.g., Book, Journal Article, etc.) you don’t want to appear in the bibliography list.

To access the output style’s bibliography templates, go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [name of the style you’re using].  In the style’s dialog box, locate “Bibliography” on the left column and click on “Templates”. After modifying the templates, the changes will be saved to a new output style file so adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use this file and not the original output style file.

I don’t think that will work as it will then default to the “generic” template…  I think leaving the template there, but making it blank, might work?  You might end up with a carriage return though, not sure without experimenting. 

Yes, the “Generic” will “kick-in” when the reference template (e.g., Journal Article) is deleted - so delete both.

I would also like to know how to do this.

CrazyGecko: What do you mean by “so delete both”?

I have deleted the formatting for the reference type (Interview) under Bibliography>Templates but like Leanne says above, it reverts to the default.

Thanks for your help!

PS: I am wanting to do this because I cite unpublished interviews in Chicago style - and for that you mention them in a footnote but not in the bibliography.

He means to delete any field information from the Generic and the specific ref type  in the bibliography templates of the output style.  then save to a new name and use the newly named output style for format your paper.  

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Thanks so much Leanne! That did the trick and saves me manually removing them every time I update my references =)

I was a bit confused at first, not knowing that there is a “Generic” ‘reference type’ in “Templates”… and that this was the second one that I had to clear.

It also created a tiny problem in that I had a “Report” and there was nothing defined for “Report” in the style I was using so that also disappeared. I guess this is the risk of removing “Generic” - Endnote has nothing to fall back on. Easily fixed - I just added in a new reference type.

Thanks again!!

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I’m writing a legal paper whereby I don’t have to cite certain legislation in the Bibliography, only in the footnote. I’m trying to figure out how to exclude these references therefore but don’t quite understand what the instructions given here mean.

What do I have to delete in under the Bibliography template? Which two things exactly? I’m not quite sure what is meant by generic.

Thanks in advance!

You edit your chosen output style, bibliography templates to delete the content in the “generic” “ref type” (which is the criteria Endnote uses if you happen to have a record with a ref type that isn’t included in your output style templates) and the ref type template that you don’t want to appear in the bibliography.  In the attached example – if that was conference paper, you would delete the highlighted text.  

Then save as to a new output style and then find and apply that output style in the word document (doing so in endnote doesn’t affect the applied style in the existing document.)