How to create style (MAI-17, page 123)?

Hello everyone,

for a thesis I need to use this kind of style: (first three letters of author in capital letters-last two numbers of year, pages). It looks like this: (MAI-15, Seite 123). Note: “Seite” is the German word for “page”.

I tried to create a new style but I didn’t manage to make the thing with the first three letters of the author.

I read that this style is called alphabetic but I couldn’t find it in the endnote webpage.

I hope there is anybody who can help me.

Thanks a lot!


Endnote does not have a convenient way to creat the tag you describe.  There have been threads which recommend scripts to create the 3 letter tag, but they all involve exporting, running a script and reimporting the library to creat the tag in a custom field.  Then creating an output style with a citation template that uses the 3 letter tag field as needed.  Not for the faint hearted.