How to delete the grey background?

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Sorry if this question has already been answered, but I searched the forum and couldnt find what I was looking for. 

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How can I copy and paste an EndNote-linked chunk of text in Word, without copying the formatting (i.e. the grey background)?

For those of you who are new to this as well, this is what I am referring to:
Normally, in Word, when hovering your cursor over an EndNote-linked piece of text, the background to the text will go grey. If you try to copy & paste that chunk of text, the grey background will also be copied, no matter what you do!

I bow down to whoever knows the answer to this, because I’ve been searching high and low! :wink:

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Once you paste it into word, there is a little “clipboard” that appears until you do something else.  Click on it and select, “text only”  and it will remove the “hyperlink” and field information.  – if it has italics, it might also remove that though. 

If you just want the hyperlink gone, reformat the bibliography on the original document and turn off that option in the dialog.  (bottom, of the first tab, untick box).  This will keep the endnote “field” but not the hyperlink. 

As an alternative, make a copy of the original document and removed all the field links.  This will break any link to Endnote though. This is an option (remove field codes) on the endnote toolbar.

If you want the “field” info intact (linking it to Endnote, and thus reformat-able) and just don’t want your Word document to reflect it, you should turn off the “field highlighting” in word which is of 3 flavors.  Only show when selected, always show, or never show.  These are in the Word Options, advanced (in Word 2010) accessible from the file menus. 

Thanks for replying - Problem solved :slight_smile:

Which solution applied? 

If it was the paste - use text trick, and if you are doing alot of it, you can change your paste settings in word to always put in text only, while working on this project.   I just noticed by by default, my word 2010, already has it set to the text only default, which I also need to watch out for!   - but again, you can use the clipboard  trick to change it back to the source or merge options.

These settings are also in Words Options/Advanced menu. 

How do I get the clipboard to appear in order to do this?

It appears just below the inserted text, until you do something else.  see image

The best way to solve this problem is stupid but works. Just download LibreOffice. Copy and paste it there from the word document. Then copy and pasted it from LibreOffice to word. It works but very stupid. I tried to do it directly in word but couldn’t find a proper solution without actually hacking Word and fixing the coding.

There is no need to download a separate application. You can do the same thing by copying the text into the Notepad application on the Windows operating system or the TextEdit application on the Mac. In TextEdit, be sure to click Format > Make Plain Text.

Alternatively, after you paste into Word, highlight the text in question. You can then click [Ctrl] + [6] on Windows or [Command] + [6] on the Mac to strip out any field codes. This will remove the link between the citations and EndNote that was responsible for the field shading (grey background) you are seeing.

After pasting, highlight and then click the bottom arrow on the ‘subtle emphasis’ box in the ‘home’ tool bar and then click on ‘clear formatting’. This solves the problem.

To paste unformatted test, regardless of WORD version, including older non-ribbon versions

[Hold Al]t+e+s

Click unformatted text [OK]


[Hold Alt]+e+s

The best solution for this is, open that doc in google docs and download as the doc file.

Open that document in google docs and download as doc again.

It is very easy to do the job by using Photoshop background eraser tool, the magic wand tool or you can use the pen tool to remove the grey background. You need to follow the same process as you follow at time of background remove.

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Hello. I hope this finds you. To remove the gray background, select the text and click CONTROL+SPACE BAR. It removes any formatting.