Sharing word document with hyperlinks


In order to share a word document with EndNote fields, I used the option " Convert to Plain Text" as suggested. However, it removes all the hyperlinks from in-text citations to the references. How to keep these hyperlinks?

Thanks in advance for help!


I hope you have a backup copy of your document because once the EndNote field codes are removed (by converting the MS Word document to a text file) they’ll have to be manually reinserted into the text file to regain the links.

Did you use an Author-Date style for your document?  If so you might view this article from the Knowledge Base which describes a trick for simplifying the process of reinstating the field codes in a text document.

Thanks for your answer. But it seems the trick you mentioned is to revert the document back with EndNote field codes. However my question is rather to have a document where there is no EndNote field codes but maintain the hyperlinks from in-text citations to the corresponding references. 

Hope there is a way to do this!

Just to clarify,the EndNote in-text citation field codes create the links which generate the bibliography. Without the field codes present in the document, Endnote can’t generate the bibliography.

When you converted your document to text this action permanently removed the in-text citation field codes and “the hyperlinks from in-text citations to the corresponding references”. Your only recourse now to restore the EndNote field codes and corresponding hyperlinks is to either: 1) manually reinsert the EndNote field codes; or 2) use a backup file copy which had the EndNote in-text citation field codes.  

There is…

Sorry to jump into an old thread, but I also needed this functionality. I actually  wonder why not more people demand this functionality. It should be a very easy task to include in Reuters codebase, and is very usefull. The hyperlinks get removed if the field is unlinked, which is what happens if converted to plain field.

I created a macro that reads the hyperlinks and its positions into memory, then unlinks all fields, and then reapplies the hyperlinks. This works because the (hidden) endnote bookmarks in the bibliography remain in the document after conversion.

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