How to Determine if a Reference Has Been Used

I’m wanting to delete duplicate records from my library, but don’t want to delete records that have been cited in any of my documents. When I’m reviewing duplicates, how do I determine if a record has been used when I’m ?

This seems like such a simple thing to do so I must be missing something here! :frowning:

Thanks for all and any advice!

While using endnote with a document, it has a temporary group containing the citations used in that document.  To “freeze” it, I move them to a permanent group.  But not sure how you use this, while searching for duplicate entries and want to delete one.  

There is no easy way to identify which duplicate records were cited in your documents after they have been written. You would need to search and compare the record numbers of the duplicate records against the citation record numbers shown in your documents (by way of the temporary citations).

It might be easier just to save a copy of your current library (duplicates and all) and set it aside. The file date will serve as a reminder to use this library in conjunction with any papers written up to this date. Then in your current library proceed with deleting records and any other record cleaning and use this library forward.

In the future if you want to track which references were used for a particular paper/project you might consider using EndNote’s ”group” feature to help categorize the references.

Thanks Leanne.  Thats a good idea to moved that temporary group to a permanent one.  I’m not sure it’s going to help with the duplicate issue but sure I’ll use that some other time! :slight_smile: