Overview of used references?

X7, Mac with with Word 15.41

Is there a way to see which references have been used and not used in a certain document or several documents? I would like to check that what I have read and taken notes on (only those make it into EN) are actually in the final document. One workaround would be to compare the bibliography with the library, but that would only work one chapter at a time and also only as a snapshot. Is there a more permanent solution? Best regards, Franziska

In the desktop endnote program, you can see the references used as a temporary group with the name of the manuscript.  If you put cursor in the library window and select them all, you can then “show all” (ctrl or apple key M) and then you could hide those highlighted and see the ones not used.  (these options should be in the references menu).

Thank you very much! Unfortunately, I am not sure where I can see the references used as a temporary group with the name of the manuscript. Please see attached where I was looking, is that the right place? I just openend the document in Word, is there another step I need to do? All the best, Franziska

You will need to do the following steps to get the temporary group to appear in the library.

  1. Open the EndNote Library.

  2. Open the Word Document.

  3. In Word go to the EndNote tab.

  4. Click on Bibliography in the middle of the EndNote tab.

  5. Click on Update Citations and Bibliography you will need to wait for the document to update.

  6. Click on Go to EndNote on the far left of the EndNote tab in Word.

You should end up back in you library and you would see a new group on the left with an icon like a Word Document and the Name of the Document.

When you click on that group you should see all the references in use in the document.