How to enter large biblio list from MS Word to EndNote

Hi everybody,

Someone at EndNote suggested that I should post the following question. Perhaps someone can help me answer it:

Throughout my teaching career I have collected a large bibliography. I thought that End Notes would add a final touch to it and make it accessible. I came to know that it is not possible to upload my list into EndNote automatically.

A)            Is there a way to enter my data into EndNote?

B)            Are there bibliographies about Near Eastern Civilizations, Cultures, Religions for exchange?

C)            Are there bibliographies in the same area accessible from major libraries? What are they?

Help is highly appreciated,


There are no easy ways of getting a bibliography from Word into EndNote. This page outlines the options.

If you have access to databases like JSTOR and ATLA Religion, it is fairly easy to export references from them to EndNote.

The EndNote connection files (online search) will allow you to search many library catalogues for relevant books and download the references into EndNote.