Can you create an Endnote library from a Word document that doesn't already have a library?

My boss has given me her grant proposal to create an Endnote library so we can add more references to it. She already has 150 references in the grant (Word file), but didn’t use any reference software to do this. Is there a way to create an Endnote library from this existing Word file that has a bibliography at the end but no Endnote library? please help…

It isn’t easy, but it is possible. See  is as good a place as any to start.  Don’t forget to read it all the way to the end, as it quotes some other resource pages. 

but if you are in a field that has a public database (pubmed for science or library of congress for books of any kind) or if you have access to a relevant database thru your institution, it is really much easier to go and collect the references than massaging the text file. 

Thanks, I had no idea it would be that big a hassle. I’ll use Web of Science to download all the citations into the Endnote library I’ve created. Thanks again.

You might give the free/open source cb2Bib a shot. It can create a file that you can import into EndNote.